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Life Foster Train the Trainer Course

in collaboration with ITS

The Life Foster Train the Trainer Erasmus+ course is a transformative and empowering program designed to equip educators with specialized skills and knowledge in fostering and supporting life skills development in young learners. This comprehensive course, funded under the prestigious Erasmus+ program, brings together educators from various European countries to share best practices and innovative methodologies for nurturing essential life skills in students.
The Life Foster Train the Trainer course is more than just theoretical learning; it emphasizes hands-on experience and encourages trainers to develop their customized life skills curriculum to implement back in their schools. By the end of the course, trainers gain a deep understanding of the significance of life skills education in shaping well-rounded individuals capable of thriving in an ever-changing world.
The Institute of Tourism Studies broadened their outreach of this course, focusing on the sustainable use of food and reducing food waste to teachers teaching Hospitality in secondary schools. A total of twenty-eight educators participated in this course and achieved a certificate of participation.