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The Malta Mathematics Olympiad is a biennial competition for Year 9 and Year 10 students from all secondary school sectors. Each school is represented by a team of four students. The first Malta Mathematics Olympiad was held in the year 2000. The competition was organised to commemorate the World Mathematical Year 2000. The aim of this one-day event is to foster problem-solving skills in young students in an atmosphere of healthy competition. The activity aims to promote teamwork and positive attitudes towards Mathematics.

The competition is divided into three sections of 45 minutes each. In the first section, students, working individually, solve a range of multiple-choice questions using non-calculator methods.  In the next two sections, students are grouped first in pairs and then in fours to work as a team on non-routine mathematical problems. The use of a calculator is allowed in these two sections. The best performing individual and team are presented with trophies and gifts.  The Malta Mathematics Olympiad is a highly awaited mathematical event and schools prepare their students well in advance to ensure a good performance and ranking.