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The Maths Venture consists of a Mathematics trail that is usually held in a historically significant locality. The activity aims at giving Year 9 students, from both state and non-state schools, the opportunity to experience Mathematics outside the classroom. Schools nominate two students to participate in this yearly event.

During the Maths trail students work in a team of four on tasks related to different stations in the chosen locality. The tasks focus on Mathematics that emanates from historical artifacts or buildings, a geographical position, time schedules and other data related to everyday life relevant to the locality where the Maths Venture is held. Throughout the activity students work on Mathematics that is aligned to the Year 9 syllabus and targets specific areas of the subject, mainly Number, Shape, Measure, Statistics and Probability.

The Maths Venture was first held in 2014. Over the past years the Maths Venture was held in Mdina, Vittoriosa and Cittadella Gozo.