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Tisjir Mill-Qalb 2018

Hospitality students were involved in the 2018 edition of Tisjir Mill-Qalb. The chosen theme for this edition was ‘Young Vision of Eating.’ The project was open to all state and non-state schools offering VET Hospitality.

Under the guidance of their teachers, the students were tasked with developing a recipe in both Maltese and English. The recipe had to include the list of ingredients and detailed instructions of preparation. Students practiced their recipe/s at school and their teachers presented the final product during two parallel sessions at Maria Regina College, Zokrija where photos were taken and eventually published in the recipe book. On the day of the presentation, the master chefs assisted in plating and garnishing. Throughout the project, the students were encouraged to keep three key criteria in mind: waste reduction, responsible use of local food, and health considerations during the planning, preparation, and serving phases. The students were given the option to choose a recipe from various categories, including Menus (Starter, Main Course, and Dessert), where each student prepared one meal; Healthy Drinks; Soups; Appetizers; Main course dishes; Rice/pasta dishes; Vegetarian dishes; and Desserts.

Click on the picture below to watch a video on the launch of this product.