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What is Engineering Technology?

Engineering Technology is a subject where students learn about materials, components, and tools, and how these are used in various applications. It is an optional subject in secondary school that gives students a glimpse into what real-world engineering is like in industries.

It helps students understand better the different routes they can engage in while learning safely and appropriately skills and procedures.

In this subject, students learn about different materials like woods, metals, and plastics. They discover how these materials are used in everyday life and how they can be shaped and combined using tools and processes to make things like static objects and mechanical items.

Besides working with materials, students also explore the electronic side of engineering. They study electronics principles and build circuits on circuit boards. Sometimes, electronics are combined with mechanisms to achieve specific results.

Moreover, students learn the basics of electrical principles, which includes understanding household electrics and basic applications like wiring a 3-pin plug.

Why study Engineering Technology?

Studying Engineering Technology offers a compelling range of advantages. Firstly, it imparts fundamental skills for ensuring safety in hands-on work settings while engaging in practical exercises. This practical approach fosters a deep understanding of how to handle hand tools and power tools proficiently. Moreover, students gain invaluable knowledge in reading and interpreting technical drawings and circuits, which forms the backbone of comprehending intricate systems and constructing mechanical setups effectively. Furthermore, the program equips students to identify, understand, and utilize diverse components, empowering them to construct innovative electronics and electrical circuits with precision.

In essence, pursuing Engineering Technology education paves the way for a promising future, harnessing both safety-consciousness and hands-on technical competence.

Engineering Technology Related Jobs

Engineering Technology offers various career opportunities for students who pursue further studies at institutions like MCAST or at the University of Malta. Some sample career opportunities include:

  • Mechanical Engineering: Involves designing, analysing, and manufacturing mechanical systems and devices.
  • Electrical Engineering: Focuses on the study and application of electrical systems and technology.
  • Electronics Engineering: Deals with designing and developing electronic circuits and devices.
  • Aeronautical Engineering: Specializes in the design and development of aircraft and spacecraft.
  • Aircraft Maintenance: Involves inspecting, repairing, and maintaining aircraft to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Maritime Engineering: Focuses on the design and construction of ships and other maritime structures.
  • Civil Engineering: Involves planning, designing, and overseeing construction projects like roads, bridges, and buildings.
  • Metal Fabricator: Creates metal structures and components through cutting, bending, and welding processes.
  • Manufacturing: Involves producing goods and products using machinery and industrial processes.
  • CNC Engineering and Fabrication: Uses computer-controlled machines to manufacture precise parts and components.
  • Carpentry: Involves working with wood to construct and repair structures and furniture.
  • Construction Worker: Works on building sites, performing various tasks related to construction projects.
  • Auto Mechanic: Repairs and maintains vehicles and machinery to ensure proper functioning.
  • Electrician: Installs, maintains, and repairs electrical systems and equipment.
  • Plumber: Specializes in installing and maintaining plumbing systems in buildings.
  • Technician: Supports various industries by performing technical tasks and troubleshooting equipment.