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Fashion and Textiles introduces the students to the fascinating world of fashion. It provides an introduction to all the aspects related to fashion and textiles. It includes aspects related to the fashion industry and its different careers in design, manufacture, retail, marketing and promotion. Students will be able to distinguish between the characteristics and uses of different type of fibres and fabrics through hands-on classroom activities. They will also learn basic skills in fashion design and pattern making using Computer Aided Design software and will also produce clothing items and soft furnishings. Moreover, the students will focus on making the right fashion choices, for themselves and others, concerning design, style and colour. The course will enhance the students’ potential in creativity and the application of skills in the fashion and textiles industry.

Topics studied

  • the fashion industry and its different careers;
  • the different fibres and fabrics, their properties, uses and care;
  • history of fashion;
  • designing garments for different body shapes, age and occasions
  • fashion sketching and drawing;
  • pattern drafting and the use of CAD software;
  • different sewing and design tools and equipment found in the fashion studio;
  • experimenting on fabrics to identify different properties;
  • making different textile items;
  • the colour wheel;
  • dyeing fabrics using natural and synthetic dyes;
  • the creation of creative items using different techniques and embellishments to enhance its appearance – such as tie-dye, batik, printing and weaving;
  • the calculation of fabric for different projects including soft furnishings;
  • recycling of textiles;
  • the role of the consumer – consumers’ rights and responsibilities, addressing complaints.
  • positive attitude to provide best customer service in a work environment;
  • producing mood boards for various creative textile items;
  • portfolio – including samples of work such as fashion drawings, pattern alterations, sewing and creative techniques, creative work, garments and soft furnishings.

Skills acquired while studying Fashion and Textiles

Communication skillsThe use of digital technologyIllustration techniques and sketching
Appreciation of colour, texture, and shapeMeasuring, pattern-cutting and draping techniquesAbility to develop fashion trends
Drawing skillsExperimental and investigationSewing skills

Career Paths

Fashion and Textiles can lead you to the following career paths:

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