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Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care is offered as a vocational subject in state and non – state schools.

At the end of the 3 years the student is eligible to achieve a Level 3 Sec Certificate which can lead to further their studies, both in 6th Form and later on in University, as well as in MCAST whereby they can achieve up to level 6 and in certain areas to level 7.

The subject, Health and Social Care introduces the students to life skills which will surely help them in their everyday life. Some topics may instil a wish to further their studies in Health Care Professions, Child Care or Social and Psychological studies.
Any level of achievement will help the student to be employed in any of the above sectors especially where care for individuals is needed.

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Students are taught and assessed in a varied way including discussions, practical work, role plays, presentations, outings to health and social care environments and workshops. Presenting real life situations enhances the students’ learning.

This type of pedagogy aims for students of multiple intelligences to shine in the area that matches their learning styles.

Health and Social Care like all other vocational subjects is assessed throughout the 3 years. Students become responsible for their ongoing assessments, achieve marks towards their final mark from the beginning of Year 9 and receive constructive feedback all the time helping them to grow and mature.

The topics tackled during the three years include:

  • Effective Communication
  • Human Development
  • Quality Care to meet the needs of individuals of all ages
  • Safe Practices in Health and Social Care environments
  • Equality and diversity in Health and Social Care environments

Skills acquired while studying the subject include:

  • Communication skills in one to one situations
  • Communication skills in group discussions
  • Care for babies, toddlers and children
  • Care for vulnerable adults and older adults
  • Taking vital sigs readings
  • Carrying out basic risk assessments in given situations
  • First Aid procedures
  • Showing empathy towards different individuals who have difficulties
  • Interviewing practitioners in both the medical field and the psycho-social field

Jobs related to Health and Social Care

Health CareSocial and Psychological CareEducation
NurseSocial WorkerTeacher
Medical DoctorPlay therapistKindergarten Assistant – Teacher
PhysiotherapistDrama TherapistChild Care centre Assistant – Managerial
Occupational therapistPsychologistEducational Psychologist
Speech and LanguageGuidance Teacher
First Aider
Health and Safety officers

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