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Hospitality is an option subject that focuses on the principles and practices of providing excellent service and accommodations to guests in various industries, such as hotels, restaurants, and tourism. The subject aims to prepare students for further studies within the hospitality sector.

Key topics covered in the Hospitality curriculum include:

  • Customer Service: Understanding the importance of good customer service, communication skills, and conflict resolution to meet and exceed guest expectations.
  • Tourism and Travel: Exploring the travel industry, destination management, and the impact of tourism on local economies and cultures.
  • Hotel Operations: Learning about hotel operations, front office procedures, reservations, and housekeeping.
  • Food and Beverage: Studying the various aspects of restaurant and foodservice operations, menu planning, food preparation, and beverage range.
  • Safety and Hygiene: Emphasizing the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment for both guests and employees, adhering to health regulations.
  • Sustainability and Responsible Tourism: Focusing on eco-friendly practices and responsible tourism initiatives to minimize the environmental impact of the hospitality industry.
  • Cultural Awareness: Recognizing and respecting diverse cultures and customs to ensure guests from various backgrounds feel welcomed and valued.

The Hospitality subject equips students with practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and a customer-centric mindset, preparing them for diverse career opportunities within the dynamic and ever-growing hospitality industry.

Hospitality Related Careers

Image showing hospitality related careers.