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The Science Centre (Pembroke) is located off the Pembroke Trail and hosted within an ex British Army Base that was originally used as an Officers’ Regimental Mess. Currently, the building is a Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research & Innovation (MEYR) satellite hub, hosting a team of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Education Officers responsible for the administration and policy making related to national STEM subjects within compulsory education.

The vision of the Science Centre is Quality STEM Education for each and every learner. This focused vision ensures that each and every student receives quality education experiences in class and beyond class to enhance scientific literacy. The vision is built on four pillars namely:

  • Curriculum transformation
  • STEM educator support and professional development
  • STEM popularisation
  • Policy making

The STEM team at the Science Centre is highly committed to promote STEM subjects and the vast range of STEM careers. The STEM team also seeks opportunities to collaborate with other stakeholders on both national and European levels, to strengthen national STEM education.